Pastor’s Letter — November, 2016

The Seasons Come and the Seasons Go

Fall is quickly coming to an end and the cold of winter is not far behind. All of creation, is born, grows and eventually dies. Life like all other things is limited.

Psalm 90 speaks eloquently:
For a thousand years in your
sight are like yesterday when it is
past or like a watch in the night.
You sweep them away; they are
like a dream, like grass that is
renewed in the morning; in the
morning it flourishes and is
renewed; in the evening it fades
and withers.

My mother and father raised me and then they were no more and the same will happen for each of us. Our universe, world, and lives are caught in a never-ending cycle. Across millions of years, star spring up and burn out, and a new star ignites and takes the place of the one gone. Our lives are spelled out by generations rising up and dying. Our new community garden started this spring from seeds, grew to beautiful plants, came to fruition, and then as the cold weather came it was gone.

Psalm 103 tells us:
As for mortals, their days are like
grass; they flourish like a flower
of the field; for the wind passes
over it, and it is gone, and its
place knows it no more.

We are limited. We have but a mere handful of days. There is no permanence in our world. However, God stands outside of creation. God stands outside of time. God was, is, and always will be.

Before the mountains were
brought forth, or ever you had
formed the earth and the
world, from everlasting to
everlasting you are God.

We are mortal and God is infinite. The infinite chose to enter the finite with the birth of
God’s only son. Who was born, lived, and died, among us and it was with this sacrifice
that God changed all that is. We who are finite can be part of that which is infinite.

Psalm 90 assures us:
Lord, you have been our dwelling-place in all generations.

As we enter into the cold months of winter let us remember that this is a very special time of
the year. As the snow blankets the ground around us and the leaves fall off the trees, it is a time of newness and possibility for we are moving toward Advent and the time of preparation when God chose to break into our world and like the spring make all things new. As we prepare for this very special season let listen more carefully to God’s calling for our lives. Let us celebrate what God has done for us in the birth of the one who brings the forgiveness of sins and a depth of love for every human being. Let us be guided by the light of joy and love that can only come from that, which is truly eternal. This is the time to prepare for great rejoicing!

Pastor Eric