Pastor's Letter - May 2016

Dear Friends,

The new life of that springs from the ground after the snow blanket of winter is always a wonderful
time of the year. The congregational crew that came to ready the church and our property did a
great job in getting all to look good for the new season – thank you! Spring this year is also bringing with it the opening of the community garden. The idea for the garden started over 3 years ago and has made its way through all different twists and turns, but at last we have a wonderful addition to our property and
a great way to reach out to the community. If you come to the church and see people working in the
garden, please, take the time to greet them and let them know how pleased we are that they are
part of the community garden.
The interfaith gardening committee met two weeks ago. We had members from Temple Israel,
First Congregational Church of Natick, The Islamic Society of Framingham, and a good group from
our church present. We are planning on planting the three plots set aside for the group in the next
few weeks and ultimately giving what we grow to “A Place to Turn” and other food pantries in the
Although we sometimes define ourselves by the building in which we meet, that is not who we
truly are. We are the living body of Jesus Christ here on earth. Jesus chose to serve all people and
chose especially to reach out to the downtrodden and the forgotten. Through Christ we are called to
serve our community and it is wonderful to see the ways in which the church is living out this
Let us head into this new season strengthened and called by the one who laid his life down for us, the
one who cares about all human beings, the one who has called us to be more than we could ever
imagine when we open ourselves up to his calling and let the Holy Spirit blow through our halls.

God bless,

Pastor Eric