Small Groups

Healing Prayer

This group studies the Biblical basis for healing prayer ministry within the church. Volunteers from this class assist with healing prayer during each Sunday morning service.

Holy Halftime

Named because our first meetings happened before Monday Night Football, this group meets at the homes of group members throughout the year. We discuss readings and video on topics of interest to modern Christians. Among recent studies were “What’s So Amazing about Grace?” by Philip Yancey, “Enough,” by Rev. Adam Hamilton, and “The Language of God”, by Francis Collins. We are currently reading “When I Was a Child I Read Books,” by Marilynne Robinson. Call or email church office for details.

Wednesday Night Study

This study is led by Rev. Eric Markman, with a focus on a specific book of the Bible or a question in theology. Call or email the church for details.

Adult Bible Study

This group has just completed a three-year study of the Book of Revelation, and is now studying the Book of Romans. It meets in the church sanctuary, immediately following the Sunday morning service. Currently on hiatus.

Youth Group

Our young people, from 6th to 12th grade, meet on Friday nights for fellowship, fun and faith discussions, guided by two youthful adults from our congregation. For details, call or email the church.  

Words from the Intercessors

God Has Everything To Do With Prayer
Christ is all. We are complete in Him. He is the answer to every need, the perfect Savior. He needs no decoration to heighten His beauty, no prop to increase His stability, and no girding to perfect His strength. Who can gild refined gold, whiten the snow, perfume the rose or heighten the colors of the summer sunset? Who will prop the mountains or help the great deep? It is not Christ and philosophy, nor Christ and money, nor civilization, nor diplomacy, nor science, nor organization. It is Christ alone. He trod the winepress alone. His own arm brought salvation. He is enough. He is the comfort, the strength, the wisdom, the righteousness, the sanctification of all man. — C. L. CHILTON.

Excerpt taken from the book “The Reality of Prayer” by E.M. Bounds